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Compostable Premium Pet Waste Bag - 60 bags / 4 rolls

Compostable Premium Pet Waste Bag - 60 bags / 4 rolls

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🌱 100% COMPOSTABLE & BIODEGRADABLE - We all have been guilty of using plastic poop bags before, but now you don't have to. Be guilt free and join eco-friendly pet owners by using compostable dog waste bags. Just like the light bulb industry is moving away from fluorescent lamp to LED for environmental reasons, the pet industry is doing the same. These biodegradable and compostable dog bags will break down in just 90 days. They’re certified ASTM D6400 in USA, EN13432 and OK-Compost in Europe.

🐾 POOP BAGS NOT PLASTIC - These premium compostable doggy bags are definitely not plastics that will fill up and just be a burden on our landfill for years. These earth friendly poop bags are made of PLA + PBAT + Cornstarch. That's why it's 100% biodegradable and compostable. As an environmental conscious pet owner, you no longer need to use petroleum based plastic bags ever again, so start switching to compostable dog bags.

💩 LEAKPROOF & EXTRA THICK - You don't have to trade off convenience to upgrade. Just like plastics, these compostable and biodegradable poop bags are extra thick, durable, leakproof, and odorless. These compostable pet poop bags are large at 9x13 inches and fits in most standard leash dispenser. It's a quick green alternative solution for a pet owner's daily tasks.

🌎 ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY - Help reduce your carbon footprint by upgrading now. Using eco-friendly green products like Mochi's Paws biodegradable and compostable pet waste bags will change your outlook perspective, and makes you question why you didn't use them way earlier. Join the green movement by switching to certified compostable dog waste bags. Not only are the pet poop bags earth friendly, but the roll cores and packaging box are too. They are made from 100% cardboard and recycled material.

🐶 CHARITY GIVING - We are a small family business in Los Angeles, USA. We are strong believers in giving back to our community. Portion of all proceeds of our compostable poop bags will be donated to pet and animal charities, and we want your help in choosing a charity quarterly.

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